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Hirschman Mutes

Hirschman Mutes "Chicago Stinger"

Hirschman, Ed


  • Ensemble: Mutes
  • Genre: Trumpet Mute
  • Catalog Number: stinger

The Hirschman "Chicago Stinger" is inspired by the buzz mutes of yesteryear, particularly the 1920's era "Chicago" Combination Trumpet Mute. The Chicago stinger has more resonance and blows more freely than these older mutes, which are no longer sold or manufactured.

The Chicago Stinger adds a distinctive buzz to your tone which can be effective for modern as well as old time jazz solos. The mute may be played in combination with your own plunger.

This type of mute can be heard on the "Silver Spider Walk" movement of Kenny Rampton's Paradise Blue Suite (with plunger).

Demo with and without plunger

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