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Ko-herent Warmup Drillsand Routines for Trombone

Ko-herent Warmup Drillsand Routines for Trombone

Yamamoto, Ko-ichiro


  • Ensemble: Trombone
  • Genre: Method Book
  • Grade: 4
  • Duration: 60.0 minutes
  • Catalog Number: AOS1534

Ko-herent Warmup Drills and Routines for Trombone
The Ko-rrect Way to Start Each Day

There are many excellent studies, books and exercises devoted to perfecting a trombone player's musicianship, but very few address the critical topic of warming up (and warming down).   Warming up is one of the most important elements of playing any musical instrument.

Ko-ichiro Yamamoto, one of the foremost Japanese trombonists of his generation, is the principal trombonist of the Seattle Symphony and the newest member of the Center City Brass Quintet.   Yamamoto is a S.E. Shires performing artist and clinician. His discography includes “Proof,” “Family Tree” (Kosei Publishing), “Trombone Concerto,” and “Ballade” (Octavia Recordings).

This book is spiral bound and lays flat on your music stand.

Ko-ichiro Yamamoto’s Warmup Drills and Routines for Trombone is the perfect book one should add to their collection! Written by one of the best trombone players alive, you will benefit greatly by adding Ko’s routine to yours! 
Nitzan Haroz
Principal Trombone, The Philadelphia Orchestra
Faculty, Curtis Institute of Music

Ko-ichiro Yamamoto is a unique trombone player with views on daily routine that were formed as a result of his diverse musical experiences in Japan, Hungary, New York and Seattle.  I highly recommend this new addition to the canon of warm-up related pedagogy books.
Denson Paul Pollard
Bass Trombone, The Metropolitan Opera
Professor of Music, Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

I’ve known Ko-ichiro for more than two decades. I have known him as both a student and a colleague. His international experience, learning in Japan, Europe, and the United States has given him a broad understanding of the best parts of pedagogy from three continents. His experience as a member of a world class opera orchestra and a world class symphony has given him a rare and unique insight as to how to apply what he learned to the daily demands of a busy performing life. This book contains a clear, organized, and accessible way to access and utilize the knowledge that Ko-ichiro has built up over a lifetime of learning and performing around the world and across every genre. I highly recommend it.
Colin Williams
Associate Principal Trombone, New York Philharmonic
Faculty, Manhattan School of Music

A welcome addition to the body of fundamental literature for the trombone, Ko-ichiro Yamamoto’s “Ko-herent Warmup Drills and Routines for Trombone” provides trombonists with excellent perspectives from a world-class musician. Drawing from his own unique experience, Mr. Yamamoto provides readers with some excellent original material.  In addition to the exercises presented, Mr. Yamamoto describes in detail how he uses this material in his own playing, why he feels that they are important, and how the reader should approach them. This is a terrific new resource for all trombonists!

Dr. Bradley Palmer
Professor of Trombone, Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University

One of my favorite trombonists has just written my new favorite book for trombone. Ko-ichiro Yamamoto’s comprehensive and resourceful book of drills and routines is a must-have for all trombonists! I can’t wait to include it in my own daily routine. Thank you Ko for showing us all the Ko-rrect way to play our best.
Michael Davis
Internationally renowned recording artist
Founder/owner, Hip-Bone Music, Inc

What an incredible resource! I love how every aspect of this book is rooted in fundamentals and highlights the importance of scales and arpeggios in our daily routines. I find so many of Ko’s routines in this book to be essential in my daily routine as well. This book is a great way to keep me on task and structures my practice session in a way that delivers great results every time. I highly recommend this book for performers of all ages and abilities. It has become a staple in my daily music library. Thanks Ko!
Brian Hecht
Bass Trombone, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Co-Founder, Slide School
International Performing Artist, S. E. Shires Instruments

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