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Advanced Duets for the Modern Trumpet Player

Advanced Duets for the Modern Trumpet Player

Hirschman, Ed


  • Ensemble: Trumpet Duet
  • Genre: Etudes
  • Grade: 5
  • Duration: 30.0 minutes
  • Catalog Number: ABP0223

16 diverse, challenging duets (grade 5 through 6) written for professionals and advanced students.  13 originals plus 3 arrangements. 44 pages. 

Playalong tracks are available if you don't have another player to practice or perform with.  Downloadable MP3 files (stereo mix + isolated tracks for play-along/practice) are sold separately and available here.

For as long as I’ve been playing the trumpet, I’ve enjoyed inviting friends over to play duets. I recently realized that my duet library is dated, stylistically limited, and no longer offers much technical or sight-reading challenge. After an unsuccessful search for grade 5/6 material that is engaging, musically rewarding, and diverse in style, I decided to create my own book of duets. My intent is to offer music that is fun to play and suitable for concert recitals and lesson material.

These eclectic duets are geared towards professional players and advanced students. They contain demands in terms of tessitura (high and low), ability to play multiple styles, endurance,  flexibility, intervallic jumps, rhythmic accuracy, control, unusual time/key signatures, dynamic range, tonguing, finger dexterity, and improvisation. The second trumpet parts are as challenging and interesting as the first parts, and these challenges are always in service of the music.

I've recorded myself playing each duet (except “Take The Plunge” which features plunger master Kenny Rampton) for demonstration purposes. Isolated first and second trumpet tracks are also available for practice and performance possibilities. 

Available as a PDF download or hard copy.  The printed version of this book is coil bound for durability and lays perfectly flat on your music stand.

  1. Salsa Chévere (Salsa, improv.)
  2. Two-Part Invention No. 4 (J.S. Bach, arr. Hirschman)
  3. The Gigue Is Up (Renaissance dance with extreme double tonguing)
  4. Don’t Over-Extend Yourself (extended performance techniques)
  5. Pe2shka (Stravinsky, arr. Hirschman)
  6. Sorrow and Victory (Heroic, Lyrical)
  7. Fanfare For A New Jazz Theatre (12 tone bebop)
  8. Get It On (Bill Chase, arr. Hirschman) 
  9. False Valse (Mixed meter)
  10. Prayer (Low, slow, requires great control)
  11. Le Quarantango Perpétual, Du Style (Trumpet Tango)
  12. Too Phrygian Fast (Modal, custom key signature, with improv)
  13. ToP of the Chops (Soul)
  14. Take the Plunge (Funk for plunger technique...Hirschman Mutes KR Indigo Plunger recommended)
  15. Bad Hombres (Mariachi, altissimo)
  16. Sting, Stang, Stung (very fast swing, improv, buzz mute...Hirschman Mutes gen II Chicago Stinger recommended)

Reviews of “Advanced Duets for the Modern Trumpet Player”

Andrew Bishop - Des Moines Symphony Orchestra (Principal), Iowa State University faculty
Ed's new book of advanced duets fills a void of interesting new trumpet duets in styles you won't find in the standard etude/method books. I find them fresh, imaginative, challenging, and wildly entertaining! I'm looking forward to working these up with my colleagues, as well as recommending them to my best students. Bravo, Ed, and thanks for your fantastic addition to our repertoire!

Anthony DiLorenzo - Center City Brass Quintet, Composer
Buckle up, sit back, and take a deep breath.  Whether you are an advanced student or a seasoned professional, "Advanced Duets for the Modern Trumpet Player" will challenge you to the extreme!  These duets span the full gambit of styles and will (make no mistake!) initially humble you in your practice sessions.  However, once you get these works under your fingers and chops, you'll be handsomely rewarded with the ability to perform virtuosic showpieces with a friend or colleague.

Joshua Kauffman - The United States Army Band (“Pershing's Own”), Pops Trumpet for the National Symphony, Yamaha and GR Technologies Performing Artist
Ed Hirschman has created a fantastic, challenging, mind stimulating, and fun musical experience with the publishing of his 'Advanced Duets for the Modern Trumpet Player.' You are destined to find new harmonic and rhythmic patterns never seen before in this exciting and new 21st-century take on duets. I am certain you will walk away not only having fun but as a better musician having challenged yourself in a new and creative way. And I love the inclusion of a duet for plunger muted trumpets...which must be played on KR Indigos, of course!

Chris O'Hara - Alliance Brass Quintet, Bach Performing Artist, Faculties of Concordia & Elmhurst Universities
Ed Hirschman's 'Advanced Duets for the Modern Trumpet Player'will keep you on your toes - both technically and musically! No other book has such an incredible diversity of styles, perfect for the modern trumpet player. Not for the faint of heart.

Willie Murillo - Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band, Producer, Composer, Schagerl Performing Artist
Whether you’re an "ultra trumpet nerd” like me, or a "regular human-style" person, we all know too well how quickly we can burn through quality material to practice. To find material that’s fun and interesting is even rarer. When I was sent 'Advanced Duets for the Modern Trumpet Player' and thumbed through it, the thought bubble above my head read, “hot diggity & sweet molasses!” Trust me!!! This book will keep you busy, intrigued, entertained, angry, frustrated & joyful, and possibly a little constipated. Mostly it’ll be one of those books that stays on your music stand. This book covers it all and it’s fun! Thank me later!

Kenny Rampton - Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, Sesame Street Band, Composer, Co-founder/Artistic Director/President - Jazz Outreach Initiative
I’ve known Ed Hirschman for over 35 years and we’ve played countless duets together over that time. Ed is always looking for something new and challenging to play, so it makes sense that he has written his own duet book! These duets were a real labor of love and I can’t wait to play them with the man himself!


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