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Little Buckaroo - Orchestra Rental

Little Buckaroo - Orchestra Rental

DiLorenzo, Anthony

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  • Ensemble: Solo Trombone and Orchestra
  • Genre: Modern Classical
  • Grade: 5
  • Duration: 12.0 minutes
  • Catalog Number: AOS398

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The composer writes:

"Little Buckaroo is a commissioned work for Trombonist Brian Diehl.  Brian and I met in Keystone, Colorado in 1992 while we were both playing with the National Repertory Orchestra.  Two years later, Brian approached me about writing a concerto for him to perform with the New World Symphony in Miami.  The concert date was set and programmed to be all western music, including some of the best written western movie scores of our time.  For me, this was a challenge to try and come up with a piece suited for Brian while keeping with the western feel of the rest of the concert.  This is how Little Buckaroo took its form.  With three days to compose the score, I first developed a plot, much like a film, which helped me to finish it in such a short time.

Little Buckaroo is made up of eight sections which segue into one another.  They are as follows:  Journey into Town, Pecos City, On the Range, Stage Coach, Rope Tricks, Drug by a Bull, Heading Home, and Swing High Swing Lo.

Those who know me well will have a good chuckle over this, for they know just how much I would love to write a film score in this style."

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