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Lyrical Etudes for Trumpet

Lyrical Etudes for Trumpet

Snedecor, Phil


  • Ensemble: Trumpet
  • Genre: Etudes
  • Grade: 4
  • Duration: 60.0 minutes
  • Catalog Number: PS-LE1

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There are so many trumpet etude books on the market today, one -might ask, "Why buy this particular etude book?" Modern etude books usually fall into one of two cateqories; books that are played once as an assignment and filed away or books that are overplayed to the point of predictability Books in the latter category are "overplayed" for a reason; they are enjoyable to play and have the potential for new discovery upon each performance.

"Lyrical Etudes for Trumpet" was composed, as the title suggests, to aid the serious student and professional with that portion of his or her practice session devoted to lyrical playing. This book is inspired by former Chicago Symphony Tubist Arnold Jacobs, Whose philosophy dictates that the fundamental style for any brass player should be lyrical. Devoting a certain portion of one's practice schedule to lyricism pro- motes relaxed playing when the transition is made into more technical and extreme upper register material.

Designed as a progressive volume that fits comfortably between the Can cone "Lyrical Studies" and Thea Charlier's "Etudes Transcendantes", these etudes should be both educational and enjoyable to play Most are intended to be played in a free and expressive style, and it is hoped that the player will add his or her own personality in order to make the most music possible. Although originally conceived for trumpet in Bb, these studies are easily playable by trombonists in tenor clef, and by all treble clef instruments.

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