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Monologue #7

Monologue #7

Levine, Bruce


  • Ensemble: Electric Bass
  • Genre: Modern Classical
  • Grade: 4
  • Duration: 5.0 minutes
  • Catalog Number: AOS670

A multi-movement work for unaccompanied Electrci Bass by Bruce Levine. Levine's Monologues are a series of solo pieces for every instrument of the orchestra much like the Persichetti Parables.

Quote from Ed Sterbenz, New York Bassist

“I believe the Monologue's movements are valuable for all electric bassists, whether beginners or advanced. It requires a full range of musical techniques: Articulation; speed; accuracy; dexterity; instrument range; dynamics; sensitivity; knowledge of myriad musical styles; sight-reading skills and, ultimately, memorization. It is a wonderful solo piece for any bassist, and will certainly strengthen his or her abilities. Moreover, it will alert players to more sophisticated possibilities for their instrument!”

“For me, I'd memorize it for a live performance as it would be the best way to capture the melodic flow of the piece. A certain 'vocal sensitivity' is inherent, and it 'sings' if played properly. I sense that inner flow particularly in the Waltz, and the expressive dynamic markings certainly add color. Additionally, all three movements are written in such a way that a variety of tempos -- subtle or even extreme -- could be utilized. Overall, it's a VERY expressive AND flexible piece of music!"

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