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Monologue #2

Monologue #2

Levine, Bruce


  • Ensemble: Flute
  • Genre: Modern Classical
  • Grade: 5
  • Duration: 9.5 minutes
  • Catalog Number: AOS394

Monologue #2 is a serial and free a-tonal work for the virtuoso performer and is ideal for the soloist looking for a contemporary piece for their next recital. It not only shows off the performer’s technique, but also displays traditional interpretive depth in this thematically developed work, an attribute that will make MONOLOGUE II immediately accessible to all audiences.

3 movements:

  1. Prelude
  2. Lento Rubato (Quasi Mysterioso)
  3. Scherzo – Quasi Galop

"Writing for solo wind instrument presents a number of challenges.  The principal one is that, as there is no harmony, an illusion of harmonic structure needs to be created by use of different registers. Works for this genre are few and those regularly performed are fewer still.  Amongst the flute repertoire we have a Partita by J.S. Bach in A minor, a sonata by his son Carl Philip Emmanuel in the same key and from the 20th century, perhaps best known of all, Syrinx by Debussy. 

The evolution of the French style of flute playing in the 20th century means that the range of colour in the tonal palate of the modern flute make it well suited to unaccompanied pieces if the harmonic challenges can be overcome.  Bruce Levine's Monologue II creates a strong feeling of harmony and takes full advantage of the tonal range of the flute.

Prelude is a principally atonal movement in language but loosely centred on C sharp.  It uses a wide range of tempi, time signatures and the full range of the flute such that the listener soon forgets that he is listening to only one instrument. 

Lento Rubato in contrast develops around one simple melody.  The use of the different registers gives full expression to the range of colour available from the instrument.  In mood it is reminiscent of the most haunting moments of Sibelius. 

The final Scherzo is in sharp contrast with both earlier movements.  At a much quicker tempo and to be played at a quick pace it is sharply rhythmic, should be clearly articulated and grows in intensity to the end of the piece.  In style it bears resemblance to a number of 20th century French works for the instrument and in its intensity there are perhaps echoes of Samuel Barber.

Monologue 2 is a fine work for solo flute and deserves to be aired frequently."


Andrew Allen


Perthshire, Scotland




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