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Sonata Ardente

Sonata Ardente

Varelas, Dmitriy


  • Ensemble: Flute and Piano
  • Genre:
  • Grade: 6
  • Duration: 15.0 minutes
  • Catalog Number: AOS036

Sonata Ardente was written in 2006-07 and was dedicated to the professor of the Sibelius Academy Mikael Helasvuo, Dmitriy Varelas' former teacher of flute. It was premiered by the composer on flute and the wonderful Hungarian pianist Andrasi Gertrud in Helsinki, at the concert hall of the Sibelius Academy. "Ardente" means fiery, fervent, passionate and glowing. This sonata consists of several sections:

  • First section - Andante espressivo, full of hidden and condensed expressions. There are many "rubato" phrases, which gives the performer ample space to express emotions. This movement feels like compressed steel spring that can spring open at any moment.
  • Second section - Rubato is sort of a cadenza, but written for both players - flute and piano. It's a very beautiful and fiery section; full of waves and explosions. There are many flute effects employed such as voice singing, different tongue articulations, harmonics, hissing, key clicks, etc.
  • Third section - Presto is kind of a barbarian dance with very fast virtuoso technique for both flute and piano; full of variable rhythms. It is a very passionate and glowing section. The last climax of this section leads us to the Meno Poco Rubato, which forms an arc with the first section. It remains about condensed expressions, but this time the compressed spring has sprung open to deliver the emotional peak of the work.

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