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Grade 1 - Selections for beginning and early middle school ensembles, featuring limited playing ranges and emphasizing basic musical skills.

Grade 2 - Selections for intermediate level/young middle school musicians with at least two years of playing experience.

Grade 3 - Selections for advanced middle school and high school ensembles, intended to challenge performers with at least 3 years of playing experience.

Grade 4 - Selections for advanced high school ensembles, community-based groups and college/university ensembles as well.

Grade 5 - Sophisticated and highly advanced musical skills are featured in these selections. Intended for truly advanced high school and community-based groups, as well as college/university ensembles comprised of music majors.

Grade 6 - The highest level of complexity and musical skill is required of musicians performing Grade 6 literature. Intended for collegiate ensembles comprised of music majors and professional groups.

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