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When Art of Sound Music was launched in 2007, we wanted our site to be the easiest, fastest and simplest way for musicians to find, audition and buy sheet music that would exactly fit their needs.   We looked around at other sheet music web sites to determine what was  "best in class" and found out that customer friendly features were pretty rare.  The best sites might show one page of music as a PDF or maybe even offer an mp3 snippet to listen to (While technology in the world has been advancing rapidly with the advent of iPads, iPhones, Android phones, etc. this is still the sheet music website standard even years later!).  The least customer friendly sheet music sites provided only the title of the piece and maybe a short description (still true to this day).

If you've bought music from these types of sites before (which is buying music pretty much sight unseen), when the music arrives it is sometimes not what you expected or simply unusable...not a good situation when the gig is the next day or week.  Having to endure this type of blind risk is crazy...imagine buying a car without being able to see what it looked like first?  We developed ScoreFlipper™ to make that type of problem a thing of the past...

ScoreFlipper allows you to simultaneously see and hear music before making a purchase, reducing the risk of getting something that doesn't meet tastes, needs or skill levels.  We show you the entire piece, and whenever we have it, the audio is recorded by live musicians.  

ScoreFlipper allows you to thumb through an online musical score on our site as if you were holding it in your hands, with the added ability to hear the music synchronized with the pages viewed. As playback progresses, the pages automatically and realistically turn. You can manually turn a page (by clicking/grabbing a page, pressing a page turn button or moving the sound playback slider) and playback advances to match the pages viewed. With ScoreFlipper, the scores load quickly using any web browser on Windows, Macintosh or Linux and there are no complicated browser plug-ins required!

Almost every product page on includes the following icon.  Click on this icon to experience Anthony DiLorenzo's "A Little Russian Circus" in ScoreFlipper:

scoreflipper icon

When on a product page, click on that icon to experience that piece with ScoreFlipper.

If you are a music publisher or retailer and are interested in joining the growing list of companies that have deployed ScoreFlipper on their sites, please visit for more information.
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