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Parts Policy

Part Copying

You may photocopy parts and scores you have purchased to serve as a backup copy, to accommodate extra players in your group on certain instruments and/or to give to group members to practice with at home.† These rights are granted to the PURCHASING USER ONLY for your own groupís use.† You may not copy and/or distribute parts to any other person or entity for any other purpose.

Part Transposition

You may manually transpose parts to accommodate players with instruments in different keys than that supplied (sorry...we don't supply native notation files) using the parts we've provided.† Alternatively, we can transpose the part for you free of charge for scores we have in music notation format and that are still active in our catalog at the time of your request. Just order the piece you want, and email us afterwards with the alternate instruments you'd like. Please note that we don't rearrange the piece to optimize it for the new instrument, we simply transpose the part to the appropriate key for your requested instrument. The transposed part will be emailed to you. Please email if you would like a part transposed.

Lost Part Replacement

If youíve lost a part and donít have a PDF and/or photocopy backup, we can replace the lost part free of charge if that score is still active in our catalog at the time of your request.† The replacement part will be emailed to you.† Please email if you need a replacement part.

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