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Expedited Shipping and Package Tracking

Announcing Art of Sound Music Print and Ship Services

We use our in-house facilities to print all hard copy music ordered on our website and to serve the print/ship needs of external composers/arrangers such as Wycliffe Gordon and Andrew Boysen.  

Our customers enjoy the following benefits with our Print & Ship Service:

  • We professionally print music (imposition, parts, page turns, score binding, etc.) with great quality and do it every day
  • Economical pricing
  • Can mail music to you or directly to your customer
  • Simplify your life – Avoid trips to the copy center, and stop dealing with print counter personnel that don’t know the difference between a quarter note and a quarter keg!
  • No more trips to the post office
  • Reduce equipment/supplies cost and clutter if doing your own printing – paper, toner, binding, envelopes, packing slips, machines, etc.

What we print for each musical work

  • Score
  • All parts including any multiples (e.g. 8 copies of Violin I for the section) or alternate parts needed (e.g. Trumpet in B alt. for Trumpet in C, etc.)


  • Color or grayscale covers on white, 80lb card stock.
  • Black and white score pages on Tabloid, Legal, Concert, or Letter (depending on score size) white 28lb paper.  From octavo to tabloid and every size in between.
  • Saddle-stitched binding for smaller scores. Black spiral coil binding for larger scores.


  • 1-page parts on white 68 lb. letter-size paper
  • Multi-page parts on white 28 lb. tabloid and folded/saddle-stitched
  • Orchestral page size can be made Concert size (9 x12) upon request


  • Delivery via USPS with tracking number provided to you
  • Orders typically ship within 1 business day from when we receive the complete order information and source PDFs

Packing Slip included with the order

  • Your branding or Art of Sound Music Branding
  • Your return address or Art of Sound Music

You provide

  • PDF of score and parts, ready for imposition/printing in DropBox
  • PDF of cover in DropBox
  • List retail price

Cost to You

  • Based on your submission and needs we will quote you a price that includes paper, printing, binding, covers, packing materials…all materials and labor. There are no setup fees, no handling fees, and no imposition fees.
  • We charge you $6 for USPS standard shipping to the US per order.  You can charge your customer whatever you want for shipping.
  • For international shipping –  we charge you our cost, which varies order by order…some ideas of cost are here…can be higher or lower

Initial setup

  • After your first payment to us, we will share a DropBox folder with you to add COPIES or your scores, parts, and covers you need us to print.  Each piece should have a unique catalog number as indicated in the file names.
  • If you don’t have a cover, we can create one for you for an additional fee.
  • We will impose the music as needed
  • Your scores/parts should be “print-ready”; we do not adjust or fix the engraving, page turns, etc., though this is available at an extra cost.
  • As we are operating a printing service, we don’t charge or collect sales tax, even if the “ship to” address is located in New Jersey, our business location.

Whenever you get a customer hard copy order

  • Email with what needs to be printed, the list price, and where to ship it
  • Make sure to put a COPY of the music, cover, etc. to be printed is saved in the shared DropBox folder
  • We provide one packing slip and can ship to a single address for each order placed with us.
  • We print the item(s) ordered
  • We put everything in a mailer and typically ship within 1 business day to the specified address
  • After the items ships, we’ll email the shipper’s tracking number to you.  If your customer has a question about the package whereabouts, you would be responsible for following up with the shipping carrier and customer.

We look forward to serving your music print/ship needs.

For questions or to get started, email us at