Art of Sound Music’s Sibelius Plug-Ins Save Time

Art of Sound Music uses the Sibelius music notation program to engrave the scores we sell. To improve the quality and speed of publishing music, we use many Sibelius plug-ins to assist our work. and there are hundreds of them available (most provided by users).

We have authored many plug-in ourselves, some for private use and some made available for everyone.  Some of our “public” plug-ins are:

Remove Trill Wiggly Lines 

Plug-in removes the wiggly lines from selected trills in a score.

Replace Trill Symbols with Trill Lines

Plug-in replaces trill symbols that don’t play back with trill lines that do playback.

Add Authentic Jazz Flips 

Allows you to add an authentic jazz articulation called a flip.

Make Page 1 of Part(s) Left Facing

Useful for parts with a length of two pages and for situations where starting a part on a left page offers the performer simpler page turns.

Backup Plug-in for Developers

This plug-in allows plug-in authors to create multiple backup snapshots throughout the plug-in development process.

Add Work Number To Top Of Page

This plug-in adds a “chart number” at the top of top of each piece for working bands with a large number of pieces in their “book”.

Format ManuScript Comment For Developers

This plug-in allows developers to transforms free-form text into a nicely formatted comment box to paste into their other plug-ins

Add Turbo Comment

Add Turbo Comments is our brand new plug-in that allows you to add “comments” easier and faster than using the built-in capabilities of Sibelius.  Read more about it in the Sibelius Blog