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Salvation Is Created

Salvation Is Created

Tschesnokoff, Pavel

Arr. Maiden Mueller, Spike


  • Ensemble: Horn Quartet
  • Genre: Sacred
  • Grade: 4
  • Duration: 3.5 minutes
  • Catalog Number: AOS1264

Salvation Is Created was composed by Tchesnokov in 1912 as the fifth in his Ten Communion Hymns, Opus 25. It is based on a synodal Kievan chant melody and Psalm 74 (Psalm 73 in the Greek version).   This is one of the last sacred works he completed before being forced to turn to secular music by the Soviet government. Although he never heard it performed during his lifetime, his children had the opportunity in the years following his death. Its popularity is such that many different versions exist both in Russian and in English; transcriptions also exist for different combinations of winds. This arrangement is in the original key and preserves as much as possible the original chords, voicing, and octave settings. It is unmeasured as in the original choral score and the players are encouraged to think of playing it in a chant-like manner, not adhering to strict meter or tempo. Barlines are to help with phrasing and staying together. We are proud to make this masterpiece of choral literature available for horn quartet or four-part horn choir.

The original text translates as follows:

Salvation is created in the midst of the earth, O God. Alleluia.


Performance note:

The performers will note that this work is not metered. Tchesnokov meant for the piece to be performed in a free chant-like manner, with no set pulse. At rehearsal letters C and H you will note that there is only one minim in the measure. It is alright to pause before this note each time, and to insert breaths or pauses elsewhere, but these should not feel measured, or 'in time,' but rather organically flow from the chant phrase. The care taken to achieve this will be well worth the effort in creating the feel of a choral chant.

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