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Two Italian Duets

Two Italian Duets

Handel, George Frederic

Arr. Harbach, Barbara


  • Ensemble: Trumpet Duet
  • Genre: Classical
  • Grade: 4
  • Duration: 11.0 minutes
  • Catalog Number: AOS1398

For Two B♭ Trumpets and Organ.  

  1. Quel fior che all'alba ride - Allegro/Grave/Moderato
  2. No, divoi non vuo fidarmi - Anadante Con Moto/Larghetto/Allegro Moderato

These two Italian chamber duets are from those written in London in the years 1741-5, Handel's reason for writing them is not at all clear. The two given in this publication were composed in the early part of July 1741 and used a year later as the basis for several of the large choruses of The Messiah to which they contributed a certain lightness of texture. The original version was for soprano voices with a basso continuo, probably played on harpsichord with a supporting bass instrument. The version here presented seems to call for organ in order to balance the heavier tone of the trumpets, The ornamentation and articulation of the solo parte are only suggestions of the editor and certainly can be changed to suit the whims of the players.

ScoreFlipper audio is from the CD "Bach, Handel: Music For Two Trumpets And Organ "
Charles Geyer, Barbara Butler - Trumpets
Barbara Harbach - Organ

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