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On That Resurrection Morning

On That Resurrection Morning

Houghton, Eric


  • Ensemble: Mixed Choir and Piano
  • Genre: Modern Classical
  • Grade: 4
  • Duration: 3.0 minutes
  • Catalog Number: AOS152


From Eric Houghton's "Passion Songs". While this anthem is perfect for Easter celebrations, it is appropriate year round. 


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Passion Songs is the third of Eric T. Houghton’s efforts at historical song cycles. Written in 1998 with original lyrics and narration by Stan Smith, Passion Songs attempts to capture the mood and atmosphere surrounding the tumultuous last hours of Christ’s life, His agonizing death, and the ensuing event that forever changed the world.

“The Trial” begins the work. What must be a truly chaotic scene is recreated, as the choir, representing the unrelenting mob, demands, “crucify”. In this piece, the tenor and soprano soloists alternate throughout with the choir portraying a narrator, Christ, a maid, Peter, Pilate, and then finally joining the in with the fanatical chorus of executioners. In “Not Nails, But Sin”, Smith’s lyrics, set for the choir alone, strictly adhere to the Christian belief that forgiveness of sins was the true reason for Christ’s death. This is reflected in the line, “every man’s sin drove the hammer that nailed the savior to the tree.”

In “Forsaken”, Smith’s words dramatically expand on the gospel. At the critical moment on the cross, with the choir and piano at full accompaniment, the tenor, Christ, desperately asks his Father, “Have I been disobedient? Have I done you wrong? Abandoned by my friends, is this how it all will end?” Similarly, a quite unique view of the attitude of Jesus’ mother is relayed in “Mary’s Song”. The lyrics portray Mary as a nurturing and devoted mother, somewhat reluctant to share her beloved son, even with God. “I know he was the son of God. Yes, he was the son of God. But, He was my son too!” the soprano cries.

“The Lost Prize” takes us on the journey from Good Friday to Easter. Again, the choir and soloists intertwine with the piano to recreate the incredible scene. The motif representing the cross, heard in the piano throughout the entire work, is most noticeable in this piece. “On That Resurrection Morning” closes the Passion Songs with a triumphant, revival style hymn proclaiming the Christ in belief “On the resurrection morning, when the Lord comes back again, we’ll all rise up. We’ll all rise up, and join the Lord that Day!”

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