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Suite for Oboe and Keyboard

Suite for Oboe and Keyboard

Giammario, Matteo


  • Ensemble: Oboe and Piano
  • Grade: 5
  • Duration: 14.0 minutes
  • Catalog Number: AOS824

This suite, for advanced students/performers, consists of three movements. 

I.  Bagpipes 
Provincials meet at the village square with their bagpipes on a Saturday evening.  At first they warm up with a plaintive melody.  However, as they progress their playing they become emboldened with confidence and their playing becomes ornate and showy.

II.  The Lonely Shepherd
A young shepherd leads his flock of sheep toward a pond.  After the sheep are settled the shepherd rests against a tree, takes out his flute, and fingers some possibilities in search of a melody.  He pipes a brief tune and then goes back to exploring sounds.  Ultimately, this leads to a heart wrenching melody expressing a strong surge of loneliness.  Then, from sheer exhaustion, he falls asleep under the stars.

III.  Procession
A procession is in progress and moving toward the village square.  A small band, made up of untrained but highly enthusiastic musicians, accompanies the procession.  lack of accuracy results periodically in premature entrances, wrong notes, misplaced beats, unintentional repetition and other musical disasters bringing about discordance and even chaos.  However, instinct and determination bring them together again and again.

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