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Alle Menschen müssen sterben (7 Chorale Variations for Brass Quintet)

Alle Menschen müssen sterben (7 Chorale Variations for Brass Quintet)

Pachelbel, Johann

Arr. Wernick, Warren


  • Ensemble: Brass Quintet
  • Genre: Classical
  • Grade: 5
  • Duration: 6.0 minutes
  • Catalog Number: AOS357

Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706), composer and organist, was one of the leading progressive German composers of his time. Formerly admired chiefly as a composer of organ and other keyboard music, he is now recognized as a leading composer of church and chamber music. His famous Canon in D Major is arguably one of the most well-known (and tuneful) pieces ever written. The work I have arranged here for brass quintet is actually a secular work based on a liturgical hym, in it you will hear contrapuntal ingredients, and variations intended for diversion. Like Pachelbel, I love the tune of this chorale. The variations he devised are delightful. Variation 6 is especially interesting given the time-period it was composed, the chromatisicm looks forward to modern times (dare I say Jazz?). This is a challenging arrangement for Brass Quintet. I think it can be a very effective concert work if presented carefully and well-prepared (I wouldn't recommend sight-reading this on a street gig). Have fun.


Part 1 - Bb Trumpet (alt. C Trumpet)
Part 2 - Bb Trumpet (alt. C Trumpet)
Part 3 - F Horn (alt. Eb Horn, Bb Baritone T.C.)
Part 4 - Trombone B.C. (alt. Bb Trombone T.C.)
Part 5 - Tuba B.C. (alt. Eb Bass T.C., Bb Bass T.C)

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