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Bohemian Landscape

Bohemian Landscape

Levesque, Craig


  • Ensemble: Concert Band
  • Genre: Modern Classical
  • Grade: 2
  • Duration: 3.0 minutes
  • Catalog Number: CRL101

Bohemian Landscape is in ternary form with beginning and ending sections that feature the flutes above a repeated Percussion background. The texture of the B section is more homophonic, with the melody alternating between different sections of the Band. At several points in the piece, the ensemble is required to sing a single pitch in octaves above the repeated percussion background. There are several rhythmically challenging elements in this work, including the three-four time signature and independent entrances on weak beats. The key of G-minor is very accessible and few accidentals are used. The five independent percussion parts make this a perfect piece to feature an often-overlooked section of the beginning band.

Instrumentation: Flute, Oboe (optional), 2 Clarinets, Bassoon (optional), Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, 2 Trumpets, Horn, 2 Trombones, Baritone (optional), Tuba, 5 Percussion.

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