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Hirschman Mutes PlungerPlate for the Hercules Four Mute Holder

Hirschman Mutes PlungerPlate for the Hercules Four Mute Holder

Hirschman, Ed


  • Ensemble: Accesories
  • Genre: Accesories
  • Catalog Number: HA100-PP

The Hirschman Mutes HA100-PP PlungerPlate is the most convenient and secure way to keep any plunger, large or small, within easy reach for owners of the Hercules HA100 Clamp-on Four Mute Holder.

  • Fits snugly in the biggest (74mm) ring and provides a large, flat, stable resting place for your plunger, eliminating the need to place it upside down in a holder or on the ground. Your plunger is always nearby for quick mute changes.
  • Textured surface provides grip to ensure your plunger stays put, even if your stand isn't perfectly level.
  • The large center hole stores a trumpet pixie mute below your plunger. 
  • 6 smaller holes store trumpet mouthpieces, which is much better than keeping them on the music stand or in your pocket.  The front two holes will not interfere with a plunger resting on the plate.
  • Useful for gigs that don't require a plunger. You can rest your phone, extra music, and concert programs on it without interfering with or getting lost behind the music on your stand.



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