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Hirschman Mutes

Hirschman Mutes "KR Indigo Big Blue" Trombone Plunger Mute

Hirschman, Ed


  • Ensemble: Mutes
  • Genre: Trombone Mute
  • Catalog Number: Big_Blue_Plunger_Trombone

The Hirschman Mutes "BIG BLUE Indigo" Plunger Mute is the best sounding, most in tune, easiest to play, most comfortable to hold, most expressive trombone plunger that money can buy.  It is designed to work with tenor trombone AND bass trombone.

"KR" are the initials of Kenny Rampton, a long-standing member of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra under the direction of Wynton Marsalis.  We call it Big Blue because it is big and blue.  Kenny co-designed this plunger with Hirschman Mutes, incorporating feedback from some of today's top trombone players. 

Wycliffe Gordon (International Jazz Artist)

“I love this mute! This is a great product for beginner, intermediate and advanced players because you don't have to fight with adjusting your air when you're playing.  It has a penny you can use to play open mute or closed mute, depending on the sound that you like.  It plays in tune, it stays in tune."

Dave Taylor (Bass Trombone Legend)

“Closed or open, the Kenny Penny kills”

Clarence Banks (The Count Basie Orchestra)

“The KR Indigo BIG BLUE plunger mute really speaks!!! It gives me the “Wow’s & Wah-Wah” effects I like! Fits well in my hand. Lightweight!”

Earl McIntyre (Bass trombone - The Mingus Big Band, Arturo O’Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra)

“After many years playing the plunger (and playing a duffel bag full of different ones), the KR Indigo BIG BLUE plunger is the best! The feel, size and intonation are AWESOME!”

Dave Bargeron (Chicago: The Musical, Blood Sweat and Tears)

“I was a faithful user of Kirkhill plungers all of my playing life until now.  The KR Indigo BIG BLUE plunger is the perfect size, has the Kenny Penny valve and the feel around the bell is exceptional.   It’s absolutely beautiful in color....Rich blue plays rich Blues!!  And the squeeze is just right... I really love it!”

Ed Neumeister (The Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Professor at the New School, New York University)

“The BIG BLUE plunger mute is the most versatile plunger mute that I have ever played, and I’ve played many. The addition of the “Kenny Penny” valve gives the player flexibility for adjusting colors and timbres as well as intonation. Any brass player who is serious about playing with a plunger mute should have this mute in their arsenal.”

Chris Crenshaw (The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra)

“The grip, feel, look, and versatility of this mute help with all my plunger needs. It’s useful for solo and section work.”

Dion Tucker (Harry Connick Jr. Big Band)

"Having a true “plunger mute” is a game-changer for trombonists! Playing the Hirschman KR Indigo Plunger Mute reminds me to make sure I have my plunger mute with me at all times!"

Educational institutions and US Military can request a 10% discount code for orders of 5 or more of the same mute...please contact us.

Unique features

  • From low to high, the most in-tune plunger ever.  It also provides consistent pitch when switching between open and closed (tight) plunger, something essential for ensemble passages.  Better intonation means less "lipping" of notes, reducing fatigue and increasing endurance. 
  • Kenny Penny™ venting system —  Some players like to drill a hole through their plungers (where the wooden stick was) and some don't. Others carry two plungers in their bag to have both.  The Kenny Penny venting system provides one penny outside the plunger and another inside.  Turning the outer penny closes the plunger hole with the inner penny.  
  • Handgrip — Our large, comfortable handgrip makes the plunger easy to pick up and hold.  No more slips or drops!
  • Distinctive color —  Inspired by Duke Ellington's Mood Indigo and Snooky Young's/Clark Terry's blue plungers, with a design updated for the 21st century.

Height 3.5"/8.89cm, Outer diameter 6.37"/16.2cm, Inner lip diameter  5.13"/13.0cm.

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