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Intonation from Both Sides of the Bell (Developing Pitch-Perfect Matching as a Section Trumpeter)

Intonation from Both Sides of the Bell (Developing Pitch-Perfect Matching as a Section Trumpeter)

Higgins, Edward


  • Ensemble: Trumpet
  • Genre: Etudes
  • Grade: 4
  • Duration: 60.0 minutes
  • Catalog Number: AOS1336

Intonation from Both Sides of the Bell
Developing Pitch-Perfect Matching as a Section Trumpeter

There are many excellent studies, books and exercises devoted to perfecting a trumpet player's musicianship, but very few address intonation.  For those that do, they're usually written from the principal player’s point of view.  Very few address the needs of section players that must play along with and support the principal, and this book finally closes that gap!

Includes downloadable MP3 files for play-along exercises and orchestral excerpts focused on developing and improving section player intonation.

Dr. Edward Higgins’ new book “Intonation from Both Sides of the Bell” provides valuable insights into an often-overlooked area of musical training.  The book allows the student to work side-by-side with their teacher, with a friend, or with recorded passages provided by the author, playing duet exercises which zero in on many specific tuning challenges we all face.  A new tool in the quest for better intonation is always a welcome addition to the pedagogical literature!  Jeffrey Work, Principal Trumpet, Oregon Symphony

This method is an essential aid for developing and honing intonation.  It’s not only for the orchestral trumpet player but also applies to commercial performance.  Bravo Dr. Higgins! An excellent book that should be in every trumpet player’s studio!  Conte Bennett, Touring Artist, KC and the Sunshine Band, Willy Chirino

Dr. Edward Higgins provides an exceptional method for anyone looking to further develop the skills required to becoming a top tier ensemble musician.  “Intonation from Both Sides of the Bell” delves into ensemble intonation and its often-overlooked dependency on sectional balance. In addition to providing a concise analysis and explanation of pitch tendencies, Dr. Higgins provides numerous innovative techniques and exercises geared towards improving one's ability to fit into any section or ensemble.  Jonathan Bhatia, Assistant Professor of Music in Trumpet, Lamar University, Alias Brass Company, Principal Trumpet


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