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Technical Studies, Volume 3

Technical Studies, Volume 3

Mueller, Robert

Ed. Dr. Timothy Urban


  • Ensemble: Trombone
  • Genre: Etudes
  • Grade: 4
  • Duration: 22.0 minutes
  • Catalog Number: AOS217

The Mueller Technical Studies is consistently one of the most popular etude books for High School and College Trombone players. This new version is edited by Dr. Timothy Urban.


  • 22 Technical Exercises in the style of etudes
  • Selected Technical studies in alternative keys
  • 30 Studies in various clefs and keys 6 Additional Studies

Note: This edition of the Technical Studies transposes many of the exercises into the suggested alternative keys, rather than simply providing a separate key signature. While we realize many trombone players viewed the older method of displaying alternative keys as a good technique for practicing transposition, we felt that supplying the fully realized version was more valuable. In addition, the student may still choose to transpose any of the exercises to whatever key area they choose.  Tempi and dynamics are, in many cases, left up to the discretion of the performer.

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