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Schubert, Jonathan


  • Ensemble: Brass Quintet
  • Genre: Modern Classical
  • Grade: 3
  • Duration: 3.0 minutes
  • Catalog Number: AOS1255

A pretty, solemn and sentimental piece. A smart, modern alternative for when you need a quiet hymn, or an alternative for Pachelbel's Canon for weddings and church services.

The composer writes

'Reflections' is a memorial tribute to a dear friend, and is very loosely based on the first two bars of the hymn, 'Seek Ye First'. Contained between bars 59 and 69 is music I composed when I was 13 - which is taken from a pop-song I wrote, entitled 'Missing You'. I thought it to be touching to offer this bit of my first music as a tribute. The meaning of the title is made more clear, when I consider my very first written music coupled with the memory of my friend.

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